Craft Exhibition in Rhodes 2015


Hello World!
Today is the day I finally can sit down and think .. did this really happen?!
My first ever exhibition entry as a real SMALL BUSINESS. Can you imagine? This is such a huge deal, I still cannot believe it!
I arrived in Rhodes on 4th of August thinking how huge this is and how incredibly impatient I am for this exhibition to finally take place! Pretty ironic, since I have such huge patience when I make these miniatures and jewelry ! 😛

7th Of August.
Me, my fiancé and his younger brother arrived to the place and started building our beautiful stall. This will be my first time ever, I thought , so I had to make this as beautiful as I imagined it to be. Make it dreamy, romantic, simply wonderful . Just like I think my jewelry is!
Luckily I had these two to help me build everything! It took so much work and sweat and the heat and humidity didn’t really help along, I must say.

post1As you can clearly see my stall was no ordinary at all. *lol* My father and I knew we have to add a beautiful wooden window shutter somewhere. So we looked for it everywhere and we transformed it into this vintage piece of wonder, here ^_^

  The Final Result.

post2As you can see the main theme of my stall was wood & lace. I love this combination so much; for some reasons it makes me happy and feel relaxed.
I received so many compliments about the decorations and the way the jewelry was presented, and that makes me feel so thankful and ready for my next exhibition!

Most of the people was amazed by the detail of my pieces and saw immediately the amount of effort I put in any design I create.
I was really surprised when some of them wanted to take pictures with me in the back of my stall and keep it as a souvenir from their holidays. It felt so weird as It made me feel so important and somewhat valuable like never before in my life!

post4heh. You can definitely see the joy in my eyes in this picture! But, I know the little cherry macaron is taking over me here!

My handmade food pendants and rings really won people’s hearts (especially the macarons and bottle pendants) as long as the little donut stud earrings were absolutely a hit during the whole exhibition!
I also received many loving compliments about my handmade jewelry boxes, and miniature decorations. People loved the detaisl and the vintage/romantic color combinations I used for every piece! Everytime someone held one box or decoration my heart skipped a beat in a thought it was going away! (selfish?! i don’t know!) I just love each one so so so much that I can’t handle being away from them. They’re my “children”. So if you ever get one , take good care of it, haha!


And let me introduce you to some of my vintage romantic jewelry made out of antique bronze,liquid glass & resin; coming in September 2015 in iliannejewelry.com !
Everyone loved these pieces and couldn’t wait to wear them and match their beautiful outfits!


This happened. It really DID. My first official entry in a crafts exhibition. To me it’s huge. It’s my first baby step to a bright future where I will be making a living out of what I love the most.
C R E A T I N G .
I want to thank each and everyone of you for giving me the courage to do this and take this HUGE risk to open my small business during these harsh times in my country.
I love you guys, every comment of yours is another deep breath I take so I can climb this beautiful but tall mountain in front of me.
And Remember to be cute, be pretty… be feminine!

And… Welcome to a .. sweet sweet world…! My e-shop and blog, www.iliannejewelry.com  is officially LAUNCHED!


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