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Alice found her Wonderland, this is your chance to meet yours!
In this little magical world, everything goes smaller just so it can fit in your hands!
Embrace your feminity, indulge yourself with your favorite treats without guilt,and amaze everyone around you by wearing a piece of jewelry that looks like no other.
Thanks for Visiting and Enjoy Looking Around !

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No machine is more powerful than a hand. Even the machine itself is made from someone's hand and bows in front of its powers !! Making something by hand is indescribable.
It's like having a magic wand which makes everything you have on mind, real! No piece is the exact same with another. And no one can make an exact copy of something handmade. Isn't this magic? To wear or to hold something someone put his love.effort and time to do for you ? It's priceless...

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Why Miniature Food Jewelry?
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I'm a huge foodie , I love to bake... And also to sculpt ! So I thought ... Why not combine them both? Wearing your favorite treat for an eternity is something amazing.It just never goes bad, it smells delicious and it looks just like the real deal! I do my best to make my food jewelry look nothing like any other food jewelry out there.I try to make it different by making it girly, romantic and super adorable.I am a hopeless romantic, I love everything pastel, lacy or vintage....and with miniatures being so charming ... I couldn't resist.

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I want all people out there to know that "Ilianne Jewelry" to me , is my world. It's one of the greatest things I have in my life. My happy routine...my everything! Every time you click a button and purchase a piece of jewelry that I made, a huge instant smile appears on my face. Because you chose it among many others and you thought it was unique and special. This means the whole world to me.

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What's not to love about making a living out of creating things with love ?
I love communicating with my customers, taking custom orders and manage everything on my own by doing the best I can! I can wake up every morning with a huge smile on my face thinking that I am going to ship one of my precious handmade pieces to somewhere out there in the world♥

[icon_box icon_position=”top” align=”left” animation=”” animation_delay=”” icon=”icon-home”]Nothing works better than a friendly,warm environment.[/icon_box]
[icon_box icon_position=”top” align=”left” animation=”” animation_delay=”” icon=”icon-briefcase”]I work inside my cozy home studio. From scultping to printing,everything’s done in there![/icon_box]
[icon_box icon_position=”top” align=”left” animation=”” animation_delay=”” icon=”icon-eur”]Everyone’s dream is to make a living out of doing something they love. And that’s what I do ! ♥[/icon_box]

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